faces of covid, portraits of MUCH emergency doctors and nurses

How it started…

What started as a small portrait of a friend who is an emergency doctor at the MUHC/The Glen site in Montreal, has evolved into a series of Covid mask portraits of 20 healthcare workers in the emergency rooms at the hospital. Doctors, nurses & patient attendants make up the faces of this series.

I plan to give these paintings, Faces of Covid,  to the subjects as a thank you for the amazing job they are doing during the Covid 19 pandemic.  Each face, even though covered with a mask, has a great expressive personality of its own as seen through their eyes.  Down the road, hopefully, these portraits will serve as a souvenir of a very difficult time.

This has been a very rewarding project for me during this time of social distancing.

Meet the Faces of Covid:


Holding the picture was almost emotional. Looking at myself looking back at me, I thought, this is what my patients see.

Nurse Olivia Guay

Hogan’s act of kindness resonated deeply with the staff. The likenesses are so good. It’s fun at a time that is so stressful for us all, a breath of fresh air.

Dr. Robert Foxford

It was a nice experience to see myself in a picture. I thought it was a very good likeness and I was amazed at the quality of the work.

PA, Olivier Gravel

I consider my portrait a souvenir of this crazy time.

Nurse Tery Ann Alston